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Norfolk Speaks


Consumption Encouraged

Let’s eat! Let’s drink! And buy stuff. We are now blessed with a quintessential general store we hardly deserve in our quintessential little town. We need to put on a few pounds and spend a few dollars. Jettison that Kindle for a moment and buy an actual newspaper before they join the antique steam-powered bicycle on display in the corner. And don’t succumb to convention: have an ice cream now while waiting for summer. But remember, the Berkshire Country Store is not the only game in town, so be gregarious, shed your hermit ways and bewilder your friends with frequent invitations to meet in town for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And don’t forget to snack between meals; it’s your patriotic duty to make sure your pantry is on the ready. Tell friends: Norfolk may be a dot on the map, but it has become a great place to recuperate from a diet.

Martin Braid


Neighborhood Watch

One of the projects the Economic Development Commission is considering is the development of a neighborhood cleanup and watch program. This will be set up on a regular basis and is in no way a replacement for Norfolk’s annual cleanup day.

Each street in Norfolk would have a volunteer street coordinator whose responsibility would be to enlist volunteers on the street who would be willing to spent a certain amount of time, such as one day per month, patrolling the street and removing any trash, bottles, cigarette butts, etc. In addition, coordinators could report any unusual or suspicious activity they note to the police.

This will be a way we can make Norfolk a more beautiful and safer place for our residents and visitors and will not cost the town anything. In some cases, it might cut down on the pollution of our drinking water, streams and sewer systems.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or has any suggestions about this proposed program, kindly contact me at lhannafin@sbcglobal.net, or Libby Borden, chair of the EDC, at libbygp@aol.com.

Larry Hannafin






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