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Aton Forest Holds Annual Census of Early Winter Birds

    By Wiley Wood Although she has been taking part in Christmas Bird Counts for over 50 years, when Ayreslea Denny describes her bird encounters on the morning of December 31 in Aton Forest, her voice is full of excitement. “The number of birds we got was just unbelievable,” she said. A small group, […]

Notables—Senator Frederic Collin Walcott

Businessman, Humanitarian, Conservationist, Statesman   By Michael Kelly Frederic Walcott was born in 1869 to a prominent family in New York Mills, NY. His great-great grandfather established the first cotton mills in New York state and garnered a sizable fortune. Walcott’s father married Emeline Alice Welch, daughter of noted Norfolk physician William Wickham Welch, forging […]

Berkshire National Fish Hatchery

Volunteers work to preserve indigenous fish habitats   By Michael Kelly It’s all about the water. At the Berkshire National Fish Hatchery (BNFH) in Hartsville, a hamlet of New Marlborough, Mass., 14 miles from Norfolk’s Village Green, 200 gallons a minute of pure 45-degree water from a deep underground aquifer course through 148 acres of […]

Norfolk’s November and December Weather and a Yearly Summary for 2016

A Snowy End to a Very Warm and Dry Year   By Russell Russ After tracking a growing precipitation deficit and above average temperatures for the entire year, it was quite the twist in weather fate to have an early winter with snowy conditions before Thanksgiving. The closing months of 2016 were still a little […]

Through the Garden Gate

February, Precious Snowflakes   By Leslie Watkins “Every crystal was a masterpiece of design and no one design was ever repeated.”–Wilson Bentley Avalanches are sudden, unstoppable forces of nature. They gain mass, volume and momentum as they sweep down mountainsides. But even the mightiest of avalanches is made up of many small, harmless, fragile things—snowflakes. […]


by Gil Eisner.


by Gil Eisner

Berkshire Mountain Springs—From the Fountainhead to Your Door

By Michael Kelly The most direct way to access Berkshire County’s wealth of cultural amenities is to drive north on route 272, a felicitous, forested, rural byway. Just 4.5 miles from Norfolk’s village green, near the cutoff to Campbell Falls, you cross into Massachusetts and subconsciously absorb subtle, topographical changes. Two miles further up the […]

Through The Garden Gate

December, Divine Pleasures   By Leslie Watkins After the hustle and bustle of autumn activities, the comfy chair by the fire looks very inviting. Even if we were not able to cross all the items off the to-do list, the weather dictates that enough is enough. We are ready for a long winter’s rest. The […]

Norfolk’s October 2016 Weather

Drought Conditions Intensify   By Russell Russ It’s all about the numbers. As we get closer to year’s end all eyes will be on the year’s weather statistics. The year of 2016 has a very good chance of ranking very high in two weather categories. Unless weather patterns change drastically before the end of the […]