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Real Estate Transactions—April 2017

On April 10, 449 Wheeler Rd. was sold by Wheeler Road LLC to John and Orie Sullivan, for $119,000.   On April 13, 25 acres on Parker Hill Rd. were sold by Katherine Mark et al. to Norfolk Land Trust Inc., for $110,000.   On April 24, 15 Shepard Rd. was sold by William and […]

March Real Estate Transactions

On March 2, US Bank Trust NA, Trustee, sold 988 Litchfield Road to Brad Bousquet for $100,000. On March 28, Pamela Kinsey sold 25 acres of land on Loon Meadow Drive to Michael J. Halloran for $50,000.  

Real Estate Transactions—Dec. 2016 and Jan. 2017

Dec. 5, 2016: Loyal B. & Valerie Starr to Wells Fargo Financial America Inc., 988 Litchfield Rd., for $0.   Jan. 18, 2017: Holly Gill, Trustee, to Gillian Bagley & Ralph Colt Bagley IV, 107 Laurel Way, for $300,000.   Jan. 23, 2017: Babette H. Barrett to Vishal P. Grover, 53 Greenwoods Rd. East, for […]

Real Estate Transactions—November 2016

On November 1, Jerald D. Cole to Northwestern CT Sportsmen’s Assoc. Inc., 111 Beckley Road, for $320,000.  On November 8, Loyal B. Starr et al. to Wells Fargo Financial America Inc., 819 Litchfield Road, for $0.  On November 21, Cecily R. Mermann, Executor, to John Lyman Cox, 185 Ashpohtag Road, for $250,000.  On November 22, FNMA to […]

Real Estate Transactions—October 2016

October 3, Helen I. Jessup, co-trustee, et al to Bette A. Nuzum, trustee, 97 Gamefield Road, for $420,000. October 3, Helen I. Jessup, co-trustee, et al to David M. Nuzum and Olivia N. Herman, 97 Gamefield Road, for $630,000. October 3, Helen I. Jessup, co-trustee, et al to David M. Nuzum and Olivia N. Herman, […]

September 2016 Real Estate Transactions

On September 1, Peter C. & Abigail E. Neave to Michael K. Selleck, 177 Greenwoods Rd. East, for $499,000. On September 1, Estate of Elizabeth M. Cleveland to Kyle Kroehle & Samantha Kroehle, 64 Loon Meadow Drive, for $135,000. On September 27, A2V, Inc. to Jacquier Properties LLC, 70 acres on Greenwoods Rd. West for $275,000. […]

August 2016 Real Estate Transactions

On August 9, William E. and Carol A. Reudgen to US Bank NA Trustee, 30 Elmore Road, for $0. On August 22, Karlene Mitchell to Andrew L. & Kelly M. Groover, Greenwoods Road West, for $166,000. On August 31, Michael S. Lahart & Frederick Todd Johnson to Lucy Anderson Mookerjee, 238 Old Goshen Road, for […]

Real Estate Transfers—Oct.–Dec. 2015

October 1, Estate of Catherine P. Fields to Alison Smela, 101 Shepard Rd., $233,000. October 5, Peter R. Pouncey to David G. & Amy Troyansky, 25 North St., $515,000. October 5, Michael & Cynthia Creamer to DST Investments LLC, 82 Greenwoods Rd. E., $45,000. October 6, Kevin Morse & Karen Petokas Hunt to Sandra Anasoulis, […]

Real Estate Transactions—January 2014

The following property transfers were recorded at town hall in January: 114 Colebrook Road, from 114 Colebrook Rd. LLC to Thomas Fahsbender & Jennifer Almquest, $300,000, on Jan. 27, 2014. 310-312 Litchfield Road, from Arden Mason to Jennie K. Brown, $925,000, on January 30, 2014.