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View from the Green

Distracted Driving   By Lindsey Pizzica Rotolo We’re all guilty of it. You’re in the car, bored as hell on your fourth trip to Torrington in three days, and your phone pings, or chirps, or whistles at you, and you simply must know what information is coming in . . . immediately. So you check […]

View from the Green

Enduring Village Landmark in Limbo   By Michael Kelly Civic enrichment in Norfolk Town is humming right along: what with the library’s compelling new terra cotta roof, the impressive restoration of Alfredo Taylor’s railroad railing and lamps, the reassuring church bells ringing again on the Village Green, the ambitious reimagining of City Meadow, the budding […]

View from the Green

A Tale of Three Inns   By Leila Javitch The Weekend in Norfolk (WIN) this past summer was a lively event that brought many visitors to our beautiful town. As a longtime resident, I wondered how all the buzz and participation in the August weekend affected the businesses in Norfolk, specifically the local inns and […]

Norfolk Throws a Party

  By Ruth Melville Norfolk decided to throw a party—and people came! By all measures, last month’s Weekend in Norfolk was a resounding success. When the Weekend in Norfolk (WIN) coordinating committee, Sue Frisch, Holly Gill and I, set up the welcome tent on the green on Friday, our expectations were high but a bit […]

View From the Green

One Man’s Trash . . .   By Lindsey Pizzica Rotolo Last week, we gutted the final section of our 255-year-old home that we have been in the process of renovating on and off for the last 11 years. In 2005, I was thrilled to be living in a house with that much history and […]

View From the Green—Feb. 2016

Winter Views   By Ruth Melville My second favorite part of winter is that the absence of foliage lets you see things you can’t see in greener, leafier parts of the year. Previously hidden places and connections become newly visible, sometimes in unexpected ways. Looking out from the top of our hill we can see […]

Bringing There to Here (or Building Norfolk’s Center)

Guest View By Pete Anderson   Where is Norfolk’s center? The Village Green? The library? Town Hall? Infinity Hall? The fire station? The EMT building? Station Place? Each of these is a center for some of the people, some of the time. But where is our commercial center? Consider how the cluster of Norfolk’s oldest […]

View From the Green

It’s Time We Thanked our Viet Vets By Colleen Gundlach Last month I had the distinct honor of interviewing four of Norfolk’s Vietnam veterans for the June issue of Norfolk Now. It was an experience that brought back memories of a time when our country was even more divided than it is now. It was […]

View from the Green

Our Disappearing Amphibians By Shelley Harms After a long, snowy winter, the calls of wood frogs and spring peepers from Norfolk’s thawing  ponds are a welcome sign of spring. Especially this year, when the wood frogs made their latest appearance in memory in my pond, still half iced-over when a few hardy little souls started […]

February Journal

By Brett Hellerman February is my favorite month. Sunsets throw their long light into our eyes, later and later with each passing week. Following are excerpts from my February weather log. I hope you will find this a good complement to the “fact-based” summary put out by the official Norfolk weather station. February 1. A […]