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  • City Meadow Park Opens as First Major Snowfall Arrives

    Three inches of snow blanketed City Meadow Park on Saturday, Dec. 9, as a small crowd congregated near the Shepard Rd. entrance for the ribbon cutting ceremony that would officially open the park. Seven and a half years and $750,000 in the making, the park boasts a looping boardwalk path through the sunken wetland below […]

  • Representative Brian Ohler Looks Back on His First Session in Hartford

    Budget woes overshadow other issues   By Susannah Wood State Representative Brian Ohler had already arrived at the Berkshire Country Store and was deep in conversation with Ryan Craig when I walked in five minutes ahead of our scheduled appointment Against the background noise of coffee traffic and orders for late breakfasts, we settled into […]

  • Battell Chapel Windows Reinstalled

    On Tuesday November 14, Phase II of the Battell Chapel Windows Project was completed, as another beautiful stained glass window was reinstalled. Visitors are welcome to come and appreciate, from inside or outside, the set of three fully-restored Maitland Armstrong windows in the chapel’s west wall.  Cleaning and repair of the Tiffany Room glass is […]

  • Windthrown Tree Across Route 44

    A large tree fell across Route 44 on the morning of November 17, bringing down wires with it and several electrical poles. Traffic was diverted through Maple Avenue and Laurel Way while emergency crews cleared away the downed tree and wires.

  • Norfolk Elects Riiska in a Landslide

    By Wiley Wood In a municipal election that drew 53 percent of Norfolk’s voters to the polls, Matthew Riiska (D) was elected first selectman over William Reudgen (R) by a commanding lead. At the polling station, where the results were announced shortly after the polls closed at 8 p.m., Reudgen congratulated Riiska in front of […]

  • Great Mountain Forest Makes Long-Term Deal to Sell Carbon Credits

    Planning for the Future   By Tom Vorenberg Early one morning last month a young man and his girlfriend, visiting Norfolk from a western state, hiked up the logging road from the Great Mountain Forest (GMF) east gate. They wanted to get to the pond known as Old Man Mac to watch the sunrise. It […]

  • Retirement Party Honors First Selectman Dyer

    Counting the achievements of nearly two decades   By Wiley Wood The tables and chairs were pushed back in the dining room at the Wood Creek Bar and Grill on a recent Sunday, and a broad cross-section of Norfolk residents were gathered around a banquet table to honor First Selectman Sue Dyer, who will step […]


BH Upcycled Designs Gives New Life to Old Clothing

  By Ruth Melville We all know there’s too much waste in the modern world. The days of “make do and mend” are largely gone, and new clothing is available so cheaply that most people prefer to throw an old shirt out and buy a new one. But Norfolk Farmers Market vendor MaryLynne Boisvert takes […]

Zoning and Wetlands Seek Authority to Issue Citations

Town schedules enforcement ordinance for vote   By Wiley Wood Should the Town of Norfolk be allowed to fine its residents for violations of zoning and inland wetlands regulations? This is the question that will be put to vote at a town meeting this month. At present, the enforcement officer can notify a landowner who […]

Trouble Comes Disguised as a Beautiful Ornamental!

  By John Anderson As mid fall approaches, the leaves of many plants senesce and change color. White ash trees are some of the first woody plants to drop their leaves, followed by the glorious colors of maples, birches, blueberries and spicebush. But amongst them are invaders, which can outnumber and choke out the natural […]

Innovation in the Service of Convenience

Store allows night-time access to key card holders   By Christopher Sinclair It is difficult to envision a 7-Eleven, Cumberland Farms, or other 24-hour store popping up in Norfolk’s downtown center. One senses that large, flashing neon signs and the designs of Alfredo Taylor would make for rather peculiar neighbors. That being the case, Ryan […]

Give Your Pet’s Toilette a Boost

By Susannah Wood Rover getting a bit whiffy? Tired of your aching back as you wrestle him in the bathtub? Pet Valu at the Winsted Stop and Shop plaza has the answer for you. For $10 plus tax you can take your pet to their do-it-yourself dog wash stations and soap up your Labradoodle, Bergamasco […]

Winsted Paper Folds, Merges With Lakeville Journal

News coverage for Norfolk to continue uninterrupted   By Colleen Gundlach Before Lloyd Garrison and Rosanna Trestman breathed life into Norfolk Now 14 years ago, local news was circulated by out-of-town papers such as the Register-Citizen (formerly Winsted Evening Citizen) and The Lakeville Journal.  The Register-Citizen has long since forgone any in-depth coverage of Norfolk, […]

Botelle School Starts New Year With Pride and Enthusiasm

Prioritizes citizenship as a foundation for academic excellence   By Amy Vorenberg Sixth graders at Botelle School were quick to share their insights into their school community: —It’s a place to feel welcome. —When you walk through the door, you’ll learn new things. —It’s a place where you know you’re safe; a place to be […]

Department of Transportation Proposes New Road Safety Measures

Citizens action group formed to slow traffic through Norfolk   By Wiley Wood Norfolk is a town cut in two by an arterial road. If you walk from the village green to the Norfolk Library or to Station Place—as many residents and Yale Music School students do—you take your life in your hands crossing Route […]

Faces at the Farmers Market

Woven Stars Farm, Food With a Conscience   By Wiley Wood On a typical day, Emerson Martin and Lizzie Galeucia bring pasture-raised eggs, raw honey, oyster mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes to the farmers market in Norfolk. In the fall they will add frozen cuts of lamb and goat. Diversity is part of their plan, and […]