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  • Norfolk NET: A Conversation With the Rev. Erick Olsen

    By Kelly Kandra Hughes Norfolk NET (Networking Everyone Together) is a collaborative, grassroots effort to alleviate poverty and strengthen community relationships in Norfolk. One of the lead collaborators, the Rev. Erick Olsen, pastor of the Church of Christ Congregational (UCC), recently agreed to share with Norfolk Now his thoughts on this initiative and his hopes […]

  • Placing Classical Music Within a Wider Conversation

    New Director at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival   By Wiley Wood Melvin Chen, the new director of the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, talks about music in a distinctly down-to-earth way. “Just like in a relationship,” he says to the young musicians who have performed a Franck piano quintet for him at a public masterclass, […]

  • Without a Car in Norfolk? From Feet to Bike to eBike

      By David Beers You have probably noticed a biker plodding his way up the steep hill from Winsted in the rain and snow. If you’re like me, you probably felt a pang of pity because of the difficult terrain and weather. Well, let me assure you, this particular biker does not want your pity, […]

  • Five Graduating Seniors Receive Lions Club Scholarships

    Every year, the Norfolk Lions Club holds a pancake breakfast to raise money for scholarships for Norfolk students graduating from high school who will going on to further education. This year’s winners are (from left to right) Hallie Moore, Linden Wilson, Jake Green, Sara Frieze and (not pictured) Faith Farrar. The recipients and their parents joined […]

  • Christodora Program Brings City Youth to Study in Great Mountain Forest

    Trading Cell Phones for Compasses   By Susan MacEachron Is there a correlation between the density of hay-scented fern and the tick population? How do soil conditions affect the growth of Late Low blueberries? What is the impact of environmental conditions on the red eft, which is the orange, land-dwelling, juvenile stage of the eastern […]

  • Multidisciplinary Retreat Brings Creative Artists to Norfolk

    Courtney Maum’s The Cabins Project   By Ruth Melville Courtney Maum is a writer married to a filmmaker, so perhaps it’s natural for her to think about how artists from different fields can learn from each other. For years, she would go to writing conferences and meet other writers whose stories seemed perfect for filming. […]

  • Youth Softball and Baseball Teams Have a Stellar Year

      By Chris Sinclair As summer deepens into August, the cornstalks approach full height, the heat grows bolder and heavier, and only one sport remains on the schedule: America’s own, baseball. While the national pastime may not be the favorite sport of every American, most of us have some fond baseball or softball memories buried […]

  • Historical Society Commemorates Norfolk’s Role in the Great War

    Norfolk Natives “Over There”   By Michael Kelly While the war was raging for three years on the European continent, the United States was determined to stay out of a conflagration between nations nursing centuries-old antipathies and animosities. But a groundswell of nationalistic support fomented by adventurous, upper-class American scions eager to test their mettle […]


Where Are All These Bears Coming From?

A wildlife biologist separates fact from fiction   By Wiley Wood Black bear sightings are underreported in Norfolk. That’s what Town Clerk Linda Perkins thinks, anyway. She is on a campaign to get Norfolk residents to call the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)when they see a bear. “If you look at DEEP’s black […]

Northwest Hills Council of Governments

Collaboration as the Key to Success   By Ruth Melville In Connecticut, as opposed to most states, the primary unit of local government is not the county but the town. This structure gives more autonomy to each of the 169 towns in the state, but it also makes regional cooperation and planning more difficult. To […]

Garden Conservancy Opens Two Secluded Norfolk Gardens

Guests welcomed to visit, admire and enjoy the beauty on July 15   By Michael Kelly There is something evocative, almost romantic, about a secret garden. What resplendent botanical wonders perfume desultory breezes from behind the garden wall, or peek demurely over closed, enigmatic garden gates, or generate panoplies of burgeoning color around the back […]

Fresh Faces to Lead Norfolk Ambulance

Group selects new roster of officers   By Leila Javitch The Norfolk Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team is complex but flexible group of highly trained individuals. It is really unique in that it is only one of a half dozen ambulance crews in the state that remain completely volunteer and charge no fees for services. […]

Recollections of Norfolk and Colombia

Living in South America after a Norfolk childhood   By Kati Hinman Since moving away from Norfolk, I´ve always been proud of my small town background. I can’t count the number of times people have asked “did you say twelve HUNDRED!” or “but how can you not have a grocery store?” When I moved abroad, […]

Without a Car in Norfolk? You Might Try Renting

  By David Beers When solving a lack of wheels, the first option to my mind is car rental. Most of us are familiar with renting a car at an airport. However, this option is also available in our area. In Torrington, there are two national car rental chain businesses: Enterprise and Hertz. Both offer […]

Norfolk NET Receives $20,000 Grant

  Funds to help residents with basic emergency assistance   By Kelly Kandra Hughes Norfolk NET (Networking Everyone Together), a collaborative grassroots effort to alleviate poverty and strengthen community relationships in Norfolk, has been generously awarded a $20,000 grant from the William and Mary Greve Foundation. According to Norfolk resident Tony Kiser, president of the […]

Holistic Health Counselor to Appear at Norfolk Farmers Market

Terry Walters, author of three best-selling cookbooks, “Eat Clean, Live Well,” “Clean Food” and “Clean Start” returns to the Norfolk Farmers Market on July 24 for a cooking demonstration and book signing. A well-known holistic health counselor, food educator and motivational speaker, she serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Oaks Organic Farm, one […]

Christina Vanderlip Awarded a First Prize in Garden Club Show

Implying National Parks in Floral Design   By Colleen Gundlach Norfolk’s Christina Vanderlip was honored with a first place award in the Litchfield Garden Club’s Flower Show on June 9. The theme of this show was “Our National Parks—America’s Best Idea.” Entrants were given a phrase to interpret in the media of floral design, horticulture […]

June Is the Month for Town Permits and Licenses

  By Wiley Wood If you’re making garbage in Norfolk, or planning to cool off in Tobey Pond this summer, or if you own a dog, then chances are you will be making a pilgrimage to the town clerk’s office, checkbook in hand, some time this month. “Cash or check,” says Town Clerk Linda Perkins. […]