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  • Snafu Stops Work at City Meadow

    Town encroaches on private property   By Wiley Wood Construction on the City Meadow project was going according to plan. It was the first week of September, and a crew from SumCo Eco-Contracting, under contract from the town, was building a gravel path down the hillside below Haystack Pizza. The riprap imported by them extended […]

  • BH Upcycled Designs Gives New Life to Old Clothing

      By Ruth Melville We all know there’s too much waste in the modern world. The days of “make do and mend” are largely gone, and new clothing is available so cheaply that most people prefer to throw an old shirt out and buy a new one. But Norfolk Farmers Market vendor MaryLynne Boisvert takes […]

  • Blackberry Street Saved From Buckling

    Road crews worked all of September to repair Blackberry Street, building a new retaining wall to shore up the slumping hillside. “The guard rails were tilting and the road was sliding into Donna Wheeler’s yard,” said First Selectman Sue Dyer. Money was budgeted and set aside for the work several years ago, but delays intervened. […]

  • Trouble Comes Disguised as a Beautiful Ornamental!

      By John Anderson As mid fall approaches, the leaves of many plants senesce and change color. White ash trees are some of the first woody plants to drop their leaves, followed by the glorious colors of maples, birches, blueberries and spicebush. But amongst them are invaders, which can outnumber and choke out the natural […]

  • Innovation in the Service of Convenience

    Store allows night-time access to key card holders   By Christopher Sinclair It is difficult to envision a 7-Eleven, Cumberland Farms, or other 24-hour store popping up in Norfolk’s downtown center. One senses that large, flashing neon signs and the designs of Alfredo Taylor would make for rather peculiar neighbors. That being the case, Ryan […]

  • Give Your Pet’s Toilette a Boost

    By Susannah Wood Rover getting a bit whiffy? Tired of your aching back as you wrestle him in the bathtub? Pet Valu at the Winsted Stop and Shop plaza has the answer for you. For $10 plus tax you can take your pet to their do-it-yourself dog wash stations and soap up your Labradoodle, Bergamasco […]

  • Ain’t She Sweet!

    The Classic Car Show, which is now in its fifth year, drew 72 entrants. The winner in the overall category, which is chosen by popular acclaim, was the mile-long, sky blue, two-door Cadillac pictured above with its proud owner in front of the Music Shed on the grounds of the Battell Stoeckel Estate. The event […]


Historical Society Commemorates Norfolk’s Role in the Great War

Norfolk Natives “Over There”   By Michael Kelly While the war was raging for three years on the European continent, the United States was determined to stay out of a conflagration between nations nursing centuries-old antipathies and animosities. But a groundswell of nationalistic support fomented by adventurous, upper-class American scions eager to test their mettle […]

New Planters Adorn Station Place

This pole planter in front of the Arcanum Building, with its profusion of purple and lavender petunias, is one of several new planters in town, courtesy of the hard work of the members of the Norfolk Community Association. This year the association added 11 pole planters to Station Place and Route 44, in addition to […]

Consolidation of Roman Catholic Parishes Brings Hope for the Future

Immaculate Conception Church becomes St. Martin of Tours   By Colleen Gundlach On June 29, the Immaculate Conception Church in Norfolk underwent not only a change in name but a change in structure. When Catholic Archbishop Leonard P. Blair announced in May that the number of parishes in the archdiocese would be reduced, the fear […]

Where Are All These Bears Coming From?

A wildlife biologist separates fact from fiction   By Wiley Wood Black bear sightings are underreported in Norfolk. That’s what Town Clerk Linda Perkins thinks, anyway. She is on a campaign to get Norfolk residents to call the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)when they see a bear. “If you look at DEEP’s black […]

Northwest Hills Council of Governments

Collaboration as the Key to Success   By Ruth Melville In Connecticut, as opposed to most states, the primary unit of local government is not the county but the town. This structure gives more autonomy to each of the 169 towns in the state, but it also makes regional cooperation and planning more difficult. To […]

Garden Conservancy Opens Two Secluded Norfolk Gardens

Guests welcomed to visit, admire and enjoy the beauty on July 15   By Michael Kelly There is something evocative, almost romantic, about a secret garden. What resplendent botanical wonders perfume desultory breezes from behind the garden wall, or peek demurely over closed, enigmatic garden gates, or generate panoplies of burgeoning color around the back […]

Fresh Faces to Lead Norfolk Ambulance

Group selects new roster of officers   By Leila Javitch The Norfolk Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team is complex but flexible group of highly trained individuals. It is really unique in that it is only one of a half dozen ambulance crews in the state that remain completely volunteer and charge no fees for services. […]

Recollections of Norfolk and Colombia

Living in South America after a Norfolk childhood   By Kati Hinman Since moving away from Norfolk, I´ve always been proud of my small town background. I can’t count the number of times people have asked “did you say twelve HUNDRED!” or “but how can you not have a grocery store?” When I moved abroad, […]

Without a Car in Norfolk? You Might Try Renting

  By David Beers When solving a lack of wheels, the first option to my mind is car rental. Most of us are familiar with renting a car at an airport. However, this option is also available in our area. In Torrington, there are two national car rental chain businesses: Enterprise and Hertz. Both offer […]

Norfolk NET Receives $20,000 Grant

  Funds to help residents with basic emergency assistance   By Kelly Kandra Hughes Norfolk NET (Networking Everyone Together), a collaborative grassroots effort to alleviate poverty and strengthen community relationships in Norfolk, has been generously awarded a $20,000 grant from the William and Mary Greve Foundation. According to Norfolk resident Tony Kiser, president of the […]